Keep checking back often. We will be posting images of the restaurant and our trip to Germany. What dishes would you like to see us serve? Do you have a favorite German bier that you would like us to have on tap? Let us know!

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6 Responses to Willkommen to Prost

  1. Bob Pickwick says:

    I would like to see you pouring Hofbrau Biers, Original , and the Oktoberfest are my favorites. I hope to be there when you open. The Best of Luck.

  2. Jim Healy says:

    How about Dinkelacker ? Had it with my dad years ago but can’t seem to find it anywhere. He use to order the black and white ?

  3. Bill says:

    I know Paulaner Hefeweizen and Franziskaner Weiss are the standard wheat beers, but I would like to see Konig Ludwig Weiss or their Dunkel on tap. Or just a Dunkelweizen in general.

    Drop me a line in an email if you want any American brewed, german styles to recommend. When you open I will definitely drop in for a beer.

  4. Donna Meinzinger says:

    Wow………We were there on Aug 17 th. & had to wait quite awhile to be seated but that gave us a chance to taste some of your beers! Great choices & we loved the Weihenstephan Hefe, it was the best of the best!!!
    (How about a tray of small beer samplers on your menu)

    We looked over your menu on line and made our choices even before we arrived. Big shocker……didn’t know that this was your “soft” opening and you had a limited menu!
    Can’t wait until your GRAND opening when the full menu will be available!!

    You and your staff were very friendly and you did a great job decorating…..

    Loved the Bavarian Combo Plate Appetizer

    The Bratwurst & Bockwurst were delicious & offering 2 toppings each was a good move.

    Tried the Munich Chicken Cordon Bleu, also great.

    Ahhh and the Potato Pancakes, prepared & seasoned perfectly!!!

    Totally enjoyed your Apple Struedel A La Mode & German Pancake Crepe w/vanilla ice cream desserts.

    Again, please let me know when your full menu will be available………..Then we will be back again and again!!

    Good Luck, I know you’ll be around for a long time!!!!
    See you all Soooooooooooon.

  5. Richard Krauland says:

    We had a party there last thursday evening for my cousins confirmation. We were about 20 people and we all had a great time! Beer selection was pretty good, but would have liked to see a dark wheat beer.

    Also would have liked to see a broader food menu. One of my favorite German dishes is Sauerbraten! I know its not a taste everyones used to, but everyone enjoys it! Also would have liked to see Krainer wurst on the menu.

    We had a cheese plate and a meat plate as we walked in all with great selections!

    My girlfriend and I the Wienerschnitzel with Spaetzle. Schnitzel was great! And my brother had the Jaegerschnitzel and he said it was some of the best sauce he’s had on top! The spaetzle was good, but it didn’t have that authentic German feel about it.

    Finished off with strudel crepe and our own cake. Strudel was excellent! The crepe had a red jelly inside that made it taste wonderful!

    All in all a great experience!